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Alchemy Healing Arts
Rev. Barbara F. Matsuura, RMT

Sedona, Arizona USA



What some of my clients and students say about?

Hi Barbara Sensei,
I have been very diligent about my Reiki shower and light
exercises since being bestowed the honor of Master/Teacher and I
have really noticed a difference!!! With Reiki, there's no going back!
It really has changed me and humbled me to have this special

And I have to say that I didn't suffer any jet-lag this time round--I
know that the daily Reiki treatments, showers and the physical
treatments I received from you during my visit really had a huge impact.
I am grateful for every breath, every moment and every experience.
Sophi Hronopoulous, Tokyo Japan, Australia, Los Angeles, and the world Nov 2007

Dear Barbara sensei,

Thank you very much for this wonderful experience with the Reiki classes over the last weeks. Your teaching made it very special. I felt in good hands with you and I learned a lot.
German Beautician,Tokyo Japan, Nov 2007

Hello Barbara Sensei,

Thank you for the amazing Zen Shiatsu experience, I have told a few friends about how amazing it was. The pain has not come back since then.
University English Prof., Tokyo, Japan Oct 2007

I must thank you! I felt very relaxed after that, and it helps me
to exercise and try to stretch my arm the afternoon. See you on saturday for the TaiChi class, with more flexibility and less pain!
Naturopath, Tokyo, Japan Sept 2005

Thank you very, very, very, very much for all that you shared with me and taught me from your life, from your experience and above all...from your heart! I am so grateful you took me on as a pupil. I felt nurtured, respected and so at home with-in your teaching. I have had mentors that turned out to be negetive influences and impacting, even derailing my feet on my path in life but never before have I had a more accepting and positive mentor as you. Thank you so much!
Yokota Air Force Base,Tokyo Japan, August 2005

As I just arrived to Paris, today, I wanted to write to thank you for your time, your kindness and the energy you gave me: REIKI. Thanks again for giving me what I needed, it meant to happen to me this way and I accept it dearly. A tres bientot.
Professional Photographer, Paris, France August 2005

Thank you so much for working on my mom and my dad. My dad was very relaxed the week that we worked on him and my mom seems more at peace now with my dad's condition. I think the Reiki was there to help my mom with her emotional healing more than it was for her physical healing and I think that is the most important thing.
Personal Trainer and Reiki II student, Redwood City, CA. August 2005

Barbara, I really thank you for giving me such an amazing treatment. I had a terrible pain next day but now I don't have any pain at all. I've been suffering from upper arm and shoulder pain for nearly 6 months. And now, nothing ! Thank you very much ! I really can't wait to meet you again when I go to Japan next time.
TaiJi student in Hong Kong, Dec. 2004

Thank you very much for your REIKI. It was wonderful. I still feel I'm full of energy, I found very interesting that I slept for 4 hours on Sunday night, and it was enough! Amazing! And another interesting thing happened to me, some kind of emotional block came up, and I felt a little bit depressed today. I'm sure it has come up because that emotion was healed by your REIKI, and ready to go. Thank you very much!
ADEPT Healer, Oct 2004,Tokyo, Japan

Just a quick note as a token of thanks for your inspiration as our Tai Chi Sensei, I have never seen my husband so enthusiastic about a hobby which can greatly benefit his health and inner being. And the double whammy effect is that we share this enthusiasm together! We already notice the benefits which are testimony to your talents as a teacher.
British and German expats in Tokyo, Japan, Oct. 2003

I just wanted to say thank you for the Reiki session. I normally wouldn’t be so appreciative (!) but the results have been amazing. You really helped me a lot.
English Teacher, Dec. 2003 Tokyo, Japan

Thank you so very much for sharing Reiki with me. I have enjoyed our sessions and talks and learning about this wonderful energy. Thank you for the opportunity.
Artist, Oct. 2003

Thank you so very much for everything you have taught me about Reiki and healing work.
Swedish Nanny and Reiki Practitioner Nov. 2003


Thank you for your message and wisdom, as always. Thank you again for everything. I learnt much from you that will stay with me and be the basis of many more deep understandings about the mystery of Life. I do hope we can meet again.
New Zealand Art Director, and Reiki Practitioner, Mar. 2003

I’m practicing my Reiki more and more now than ever and wanted to thank you again for being my teacher. And Nov 2003

Thank you so much for all the love, energy and time you gave me. It was a real gift to do Reiki III with you and the shares have been amazing. I will always remember fondly the times we all spent together and thank you for inviting me into your world.
Business Entrepreneur and Reiki student of New Zealand, May 2003, Tokyo Japan

I have been giving myself treatments…I am so glad this happened to me before I got underway it has been so amazingly helpful for me. I really love it. US Navy, Physical Therapist student Apr. 2002 Yokohama, Japan

I wanted to thank you again for a great treatment! Sept 2001. I wanted to tell you that I loved your class!
University Graduate Studies Advisor, Dec. 2001, Tokyo, Japan

During the internship period (one month of weekly sessions), I practiced daily self-treatment upon awakening in the morning and before falling asleep at night, I consistently recited Dr. Usui’s five principles at the beginning and end of each day to focus and direct my intentions for optimal personal and interpersonal growth.The Reiki exchanges with my Reiki Master heightened my awareness of the healing power of the universal life energy especially when delivered by an intuitive, skilled, and well-intentioned practitioner.
American Physical Therapist July 2001, Internship (11.5 hrs) Tokyo, Japan

Your new brochure is so wonderful! I read it again and again. It is strange but I feel like as if my stress is reduced only by reading your brochure. (smile)
Friend in USA July 2001

REIKI DISTANCE HEALING between Tokyo, Japan and San Diego, CA, USA. Subscription Long Distance healing. Thank you so much it was a wonderful experience. I felt very calm and a few times I felt like someone was touching me. All day yesterday I had really been dragging - very tired –just not motivated and also had a terrible ‘kink’ in my upper back and neck. After the session, I felt rejuvenated. Particularly I feel the effect were greatest today I woke up happy and with energy. Also I have been having a lot of cramping but today I feel much less crampy.
Reiki Level I, Friend July 26, 2001

Thank you for sending me Reiki Healing Energy your Friday morning, my Thursday night. I had a wonderful experience. It was calming and rejuvenating session. I do believe strongly that you were a great conduit for the universal energy channeling into me... keeping me and baby healthy and helping to move the placenta. I again felt very happy and energized upon waking this morning and felt my sleep was more restful. I’d like to set up once-a week sessions.
Reiki level I, Friend July 27, 2001

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I really appreciate your act of friendship tonight by coming to give me Reiki after my fall from the steps. It really made me happy to see you!
Feb. 2001 Dietitian, Tokyo, Japan

You have been a blessing. I have been healed of something. I came asking for help with no specific guidance to you beyond "I need a lot of help." Since then I have noted a big change, but a change that is easy and comfortable - no controlled effort to discipline myself. The change is that I no longer have a compulsion towards food. You would not know that food has been a issue for me because I am of normal height and weight. Mainly, I feel free to enjoy food without worrying about consuming more than I need. I felt it was important to tell you because you were instrumental in helping me. I remember your parting words to me about self-love and how that the rose quartz would help. I have been following that advice.

I’m really glad to be doing these Reiki sessions on B___ with you, because I feel like I’m learning a lot and the sessions are really getting better. I thought the session yesterday was particularly good. I feel like we really moved a lot of heavy energy and was glad he could feel it. I thought he looked lighter than when he came in that morning. I feel my sensitivity is greater and I know what to do about blocks, etc. In short, I’m enjoying learning with you. Feb. 2001 Facial Esthetician Tokyo, Japan

I am especially grateful for the Reiki III attunement. I felt pretty open and spaced out yesterday. I especially felt like my crown chakra was open and I could feel that my hands were “on” and warm. I slept very well and long. Today I feel much more grounded. I really appreciate having the attunement before my trip to Africa. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Nov. 2000
NGO translator, Tokyo, Japan

My morning attunement, I was unsure, I mean, I felt it. Tingly all over, warm, and I slept like a baby…It was like I was wrapped in a warm hug to go to sleep with. I was a little distracted during the start of my attunement. I settled in just relaxing, my hands tingle at odd moments. It is a wonderful feeling. I thank you! Oct. 2000 Small town Lebanon, Missouri, USA

Thank you so much for your e-mail and especially for what you did for me yesterday. My first encounter with Reiki was really something strong, moving, and deeply involving. I have no doubt it’s totally a good and positive force. What you gave me yesterday is a special present.
Sept. 2000, Italian/Japanese translator, Tokyo, Japan.

Barbara Matsuura
Alchemy Healing Arts, LLC
PO Box 2167
Sedona, AZ 86339-2167
Ph: 928-203-6602



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