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Useful Info for Tokyo & Japan Residents

Emergency Services Numbers
Ambulance 119
Police 110
Fire 119

Drug Overdose & Poison Control Centers
Tokyo Fire Department - (03) 3212-2323
U.S. Air Force Hospital, Yokota (0425) 52-2511, ext. 57740
Osaka Toxicity 0990-50-2499 or (06) 871-9999
You can also call the Poisons center in your home country!

Emergency Medical Interpretation Service
Monday to Friday 5pm – 10pm
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9am – 10pm

Tokyo English-Speaking Police - General consultations in English
Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:15pm
Telephone (03) 3501-0110

Police Translators
(03) 3581-4321

Airport Info
Tokyo Narita Airport Website - flight arrivals and departures info in English

Alcohlics Anonymous & 12 Step Programs in Tokyo and Japan (in English).
Alcoholics Anonymous -
Al-Anon - Help for friends & families of alcoholics & drug addicts
Debtors Anonymous -
Narcotics Anonymous - Phone: 090-1104-6772

Consumer Protection - Been ripped off?
The Kanto Consumer Protection League (KCPL) is a non-profit group working to ensure that buyers and customers are treated properly. If you have been ripped off they may be able to help.

Currency Converter

Diabetics in Tokyo
Ph:(03) 3411-2371

Dictionary Japanese/English
Jim Breen's Japanese-English Dictionary (translate Japanese words & kanji into English).

Japan Driver's License - Japanese
Everything you need to know to get a Japanese driver's license! Anyone staying in Japan for more than 12 months who wants to drive legally must obtain a Japanese Drivers License.

FOOD. Need Food? Food Bank Japan - (03)3838-3827
Makes food available to foreign students and people in need. Call to receive a donation or volunteer.

Foreign Residents Advisory Center
(03) 5320-7744

Friendship Associations
MIFA - Meguro International Friendship Association
Holds cooking classes, language classes, festivals, Japanese Speech competitions and many interesting events.
Phone: (03)3715-4671

TELL - Tokyo English Life Line - (03)5774-0992
Daily 9:00AM - 11:00PM. Free telephone counselling.

HIV/AIDS - Japan HIV Center
Mon-Fri 9am-9pm Sat 12pm-3pm
English: (03)5259-0256 Japanese:(03)3292-9090 or (03)5259-0256

Homeschooling in Japan

Information & Assistance
Center for Multicultural Information & Assistance

A group which supports foreigners living in Japan. Telephone counseling. Medical assistance. Support to the foreign media. Support for migrant children. Language exchange.Seminars and fieldwork .
HIROSHIMA Office: PHONE: 082-545-4700 Email:
HYOGO Office: PHONE: 078-453-7440
KYOTO Office: PHONE: 075-253-4807
OSAKA Office: PHONE: 06-4395-1377
TOKYO Office: PHONE: 03-5825-1290 Email:
English Website

Interpreters FREE - Global Community Interaction
GCI interpreters are available for helping out in a variety of occasions including, but not limited to, cross-cultural, educational gatherings, and on a smaller scale, in renting apartments, and finding clinics and hospitals that have adequate support for foreigners.
However, GCI will not send interpreters to occasions that require expert knowledge, in fields such as business, law, or medicine. GCI only sends interpreters to non-profit events.

Japan Rail - JR Information

Japanese Lessons
FREE online Japanese lessons. Excellent beginner level lessons from NHK. Lessons are available in many languages (Arabic,Bengali, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Malay, Persian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Thai, Urdu, Vietnamese).

Japanese Year Converter - 2004 is Heisei 16
Do you know what year you were born in? In the Japanese Calender? This converts Gregorian calendar years to Japanese Emperor Era years (known as "nengo").

Legal Counseling Center for Foreigners
(03) 3581-2302

Medical Information in English & other languages
AMDA International Medical Information Center

Tokyo: (03) 5285-8088
Machida: (042) 799-3759
The AMDA International Medical Information Center provides telephone services to foreign residents in Japan in several languages. They introduce medical facilities with staff who speak the patient's language and explain can the health care system .
AMDA English Website
AMDA Chinese Website
AMDA Filipino Website
AMDA Japanese Website
AMDA Korean Website
AMDA Portuguese Website
AMDA Spanish Website
AMDA Thai Website

You can cleanse your body naturally using an herbal fiber supplement for detoxification. Herbal fiber is a gentle yet highly effective way to help remove excess waste and toxins from the body.

Posting stuff in Japan
Japan Post - Everything you need to know (in English) from prices to methods of delivery to tracking your EMS items.

Time - The time in Japan and worldwide

Tokyo International Learning Community
Tokyo International Learning Community is the only school in Tokyo that provides a full time educational programme to those children from the foreign community with learning difficulties. This can include a wide range of problems from cerebal palsy and autism to Down's syndrome to Attention Deficit Disorder. These children cannot be included in other main stream schools in Japan.
Ph: (+81) 422 31 9611
Fax: (+81) 422 31 9648.

Tourist Information Center
(03) 3201-3331

Trade Union Law - General Information, Labour Standards Law and Paid Holiday Rights can all be found by going to and clicking on the button called "The Law".

UNIONS in Japan(Tokyo, Osaka, Kansai, Nagoya and Japan wide).

NUGW - The National Union of General Workers
The National Union of General Workers (NUGW) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a large foreign national membership.
Phone: (03) 3434-1236
Click on link to find NUGW branches all over Japan.

GU - General Union
The General Union is a legally registered Japanese labour union open to all nationalities from all walks of life. The website has information in English, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.
Osaka - Phone:(06)-6352-9619 Email:
Nagoya - Phone:(052) 561-8555 Email:

Fukuoka General Union

British Council Union (Schools in this group are listed below).
Chris English Masters, Doshisha Kori, JHS, SHS, ECC, ELI, HIU,
Institut Franco-Japonais, Interac.
Phone:(06) 6352 9619

Berlitz Gakuenmae Union (Franchise Language Center)
Phone:Tokyo:(03) 3434 0669 Osaka:(06) 6352 9619 Fukuoka:(092) 573 3094

Eigo-No-Jikan Union
(a branch of NUGW Tokyo Nambu)
Phone: (03)3434-0669

Kangaku Union (Linguaphone, Matsushita)

Nichibei Eigo Gakuin Union

Phone: (06)-6352-9619

Nishinomiya Board of Education Union
Phone: (06)-6352-9619

Nova Union for Staff and Teachers - 090-9821-9810 Osaka:(06) 6352 9619 or or

Schools and Colleges Union - GU General Union
Phone: (06)-6352-9619

The GU Schools and Colleges branch is composed of teachers and other staff at High schools, Universities, Junior Colleges and Vocational Schools. They organize workers regardless of Nationality, or employments status.

The Schools and Colleges branch is presently campaigning around three major issues:

1. For an end to the 3 or five year limits on renewals of one year contracts. We had a major labour dispute in Higashi Osaka City against one such limit. We succeeded in winning an extension for the teachers involved but unfortunately could win the withdrawal of the limit. More recently , with the formation of a General Union branch in Nishinomiya City Board of Education we were able to negotiate the end of a five year limit. Our members at Kwansei Gakuin are presently pushing for an end to the 5 year limit on employment for ALEs. We believe that such limits as well as threatening teachers' employment stability also have an adverse effect on the quality of education provided.

2. Against the replacing of directly employed teachers by staff employed by dispatching companies or job agencies. This has become more common since a recent change in the law, which the General Union was active in campaigning against.

3. Pushing the Private Universities Association to enroll their employees on the unemployment insurance scheme. They are currently breaking the law by refusing to do this.

Time Life teachers support group. Japanese and English staff.

YMCA Union
Phone: (06)-6352-9619

Wheelchair Users Guide to Japan

Weather in Japan - updated hourly!

Women's Organizations in Japan
Association of Foreign Wives in Japan
AFWJ is a one-of-a-kind organization for women living in Japan and married to a Japanese. AFWJ is a network of resources and women that can be turned to for information, support or advice.

DigitalEve Japan
DigitalEve Japan promotes women's digital lifestyles by offering a supportive community and programs tuned to women using IT in their workplace and in their everyday lives.

Foreign Women in Japan (Tokyo)
Foreign Women in Japan (Kansai)



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