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Tengu Natural Foods - Organic, Vegetarian & Healthy Food!
Mail Order - Delivery to Tokyo and all over Japan

Tengu Natural Foods is a fantastic food store with the best supply of organic foods and vegetarian essentials and exotics. They are also a brilliant resource for those who have food allergies and are allergic to milk, dairy or wheat. They deliver to Tokyo and throughout Japan. They are a mail order company and you can also order online. If you order over ¥18 000 delivery is free.

They also have supplies for those who like to grow sprouts and wheatgrass. They have a range of useful books & are informative on subjects relating to health and wholesome living practices.

Some specialty items they carry are:

Organic rice

Baking supplies including a wide range of organic flours made from many different grains

Soy cheese and organic cheese

Nutritional Yeast

Seeds for sprouting and wheat for sprouting

Vegetarian instant meals

Amy's frozen vegetarian food - pizza, vege burgers, enchiladas, pies and so on

Beans and things

A wide range of organic snacks and condiments

They are located on the Koma River in Saitama (about an hour from Ikebukuro Station in Tokyo). If you are into hiking it is worth the trip out there for a lovely meal at their cafe and a hike through the local mountains/hills.

Download Tengu Catalogue
Fax: 0429-82-4813
Tengu Website

They also have a newsletter the Tengu Times which you can get from this page. It has great local information, vegetarian recipes and all sorts of information.

Located in Hidaka City where the Kanto Plain meets the mountains, we sit over looking the Koma River.
185-2 Komahongo,
Saitama Ken,
Japan, 350-1251
Tel: 0429-82-4811
Fax: 0429-82-4813

How to get here:
Our nearest Station is Koma, about an hour from Ikebukuro. To get here take the Seibu Ikebukuro Line to Hanno, and then transfer to the Seibu Chichibu Line. Koma is the second stop from Hanno. Don't take the Red Arrow Express to Chichibu because it will go right by us.

From Koma station...
Turn left after exiting the ticket gate and find your way to the small set of stairs hiding in the corner of the lot. Follow this little path till you come to the rail crossing. Cross the tracks and go straight, past the large road, all the way down to the second light. This curves to the right so keep going until you cross the bridge over Koma River. We are the big red American style barn on the right.

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