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Physical Health, Personal Growth & Spiritual Development

Since 1994, Lifeforces has been offering to the English speaking community in Tokyo integrated therapy that effectively addresses physical, mental and emotional issue.

Complaints covered include:

• Anxiety, depression and stress
• Sports injuries
• Chronic pain
• Whiplash
• Migraines and headaches
• Scoliosis
• Learning disabilities
• Orthopedic issues
• Birthing complications for both mother and child
• And many other conditions









As well as providing therapy and healing sessions, Lifeforces teaches many different classes in channeled energy, including Reiki (the original Japanese form as well as modern variants), Sekhem (the ancient Egyptian healing energy system), Spiritual Unfoldment Network (S.U.N.) classes offering a variety of unique, powerful and transformative energies from the world's great spiritual traditions including Tibetan, Egyptian, Taoist, Hawaiian Huna, Western Mystery and many more. We teach effective meditation, crystal healing, and chakra work. Lifeforces also offers an energetic-based Feng Shui advisory service for any environment.

In addition, Lifeforces conducts telephone counseling; holds free Reiki Share meetings and introductions to SUN energies. If you have questions concerning physical health, personnel development or spiritual growth, please call or send an e-mail and we will be happy to offer information free of charge.

We call ourselves Lifeforces because Life forces change to occur and we
work with Life forces.

On the second and fourth Sunday of every month, a free Reiki Share meeting is held. Everyone is welcome to attend, and it is an opportunity to exchange Reiki, experience it if you have never received it, exchange ideas and information about energy healing, meet a wide variety of people who practice Reiki, and have a good time! The Reiki Share is held at LIFEFORCES location #2. Please contact Petya at or telephone Tokyo, Japan (03) 3357 2067

Directions to the Reiki Share: Take the train to Shinjuku JR station and then take the Sobu line from platform 11, in the direction of Chiba. Go 3 stops to SHINANOMACHI Stn. There is one exit. Come out of the station and turn right along the main road crossing over to the left side as you are walking away from the station. Walk past Keio Hospital and Zurich Life on your left. Keep walking straight ahead for about 400 metres, our building, Forme Yotsuya Gaien Higashi, is right after NAPOLI ice cream parlour and before Kinoshita Hair Salon. It’s a 15-storey grey/beige and pale green tiled building. Please key in the apartment # 1308 through the intercom system in the foyer and come up to the 13th floor, apartment 1308. If you arrive after 18:00 when you get to the apartment please don’t ring the bell, just walk in quietly.

For more information on therapy and workshops and to book a session please contact Lifeforces:

Petya at or Hari at

Petya Lowe

Hari Tahil

DIRECTIONS: Take the train to Shinjuku JR and change to platform 11 Sobu line, in the direction of Chiba . Go 3 stops to SHINANOMACHI. There is one exit. Come out of the station and turn right along the main road.

LIFEFORCES LOCATION #1 Walk about 300 metres (past Keio Hospital and Zurich Life on your left, past the post office on your right) until you come to SOKA WOMEN'S CENTER, a large, pale yellow building. Turn right at the women's center. Keep walking straight ahead and down. Keep going , the road gets steep. Keep going until you have to turn left. Turn left and there is a park below you on the right. Opposite you, on the corner of the park is an old 2-floored house. Come round the back up the stairs, second door.

LIFEFORCES LOCATION #2 Walk along Gaein Higashi Dori for about 400 metres to the Samoncho traffic lights (signposted). Cross over, walk past the Napoli ice cream shop and office building. Forme Yotsuya Gaien Higashi is the next building. Call #1308 in the foyer.




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