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John Iammatteo
Shaman and Healer - Tokyo, Japan

• Natural Energetic Healings & Therapies: Using the spectrum of Universal Energies

• Auric Healings

• DNA Activation: Activation of the 22 strands of DNA

• Sacred Modality: Profound Transformation in all aspects of your life

• Isis Healing Modality

• Channeling: Arch Angels, Angels, Gods, Goddess’ & Masters of Light

• Shamanic Modalities & Journeys

• Soul Retrieval

• Turning the Wheel of Time: Living Your Highest Potential

• Initiation into the Light: Adept Initiation into the Hierarchy of Light

• Belief & Concept Release

• Karmic Release

• Emotional Release

• Radionics

• Etheric Surgery

• Releasing the Past

Call John Iammatteo
Tel/Fax (03) 5481-3682 or 090-9294-4605
Tokyo - Takanawadai Station (Asakusa Line)



¥55,000 1-2 Day, April 2nd & 3rd
You are invited to partake of a very special program that will bring you incredible EMPOWERMENT and part of the "Hierarchy of Light." You will start to FEEL happy inside and become excited about this life. This seminar teaches you the basics knowledge about the LIGHT and the ANGELS that help us all of the time. After your initiation life flows more smoothly, things come to you more easily you have more energy.

As we say to the Universe we want to serve we are initiated. This Initiation will bring you to higher light and knowledge. It will also bring to you more energy or insight for your role. It will also bring to you full physical and spiritual abundance. After the initiation you are under the guiding wing of the Hierarchy of Light. The part of the Hierarchy you are being initiated into is "The Universal Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light."* This is the working group or force of the Hierarchy. Here we serve on one of the 12 councils and with the Masters of Light and the Angels.

* Four new Spirit Guides of a higher order sent directly by the Masters to teach you and empower your spiritual evolution.
* You become a member of one of the 12 councils of the Hierarchy of Light.
* Receive 10 times more energy or power for you and your spiritual purpose.
* Direct Contact with the Hierarchy of Light. You are taught directly by the Hierarchy of Light
* Influence of Ego on the True Self
* Elimination of the negative ego.
* Full physical and spiritual abundance from your service.
* Aligns the Will of Humans with the Will of God and the Will of Nature and the Universe (the basis energy change of ascension).
* The Human Potential to be as God
* The Twelve Dimensions of Earth and the Seven Spiritual Dimensions
* The Hierarchy of Light and Archangels?CMasters of Light and other Light Beings
* The Structure of Humans and the Powers of the Universe
* Chi, Ki, Universal EnergiesThe Universal Kabbalah
* Sacred Rituals
* And much more.

To take part in this Initiation of Light, to become an Adept one needs only to ask. Your request is brought forward to the Hierarchy of Light (You must request no later than the Friday 1 week before the initiaton) A Guide member from the Hierarchy of Light, then teaches you in one to two days. You are taught the basic knowledge of the Mystery School tradition, about the Light, Creation and Manifestation, the Angels, Paths of Enlightenment, Service to the Light, the nature of a God, the way of Humans and the Human condition from the perspective of the Heirarchy of Light and much, much more.
With your initiation into the Light you become an Adept. Being an adept is a unique way of becoming more involved with the "Light Work" of the Hierarchy of Light. These sacred teachings have been the tools of many famous Adepts throughout time such as Pythagoras, Copernicus, Leonardo da Vinci, Paracelsus, Isaac Newton, Carl Jung, Rudolph Steiner, Erik Satie and in later years such artists as David Bowie, Sting, John Lennon, George Harrison, etc.

After the initiation your life begins to flow almost effortlessly, things come to you more easily as you your spiritual purpose unfolds. As you settle into this new heightened state of awareness and energy you begin the process of unlimited access to the answers to your questions. We believe that every person is his or her OWN Master or Teacher and no single person can take on that role for another. WE ALL HAVE THE ANSWERS WITHIN.

So what is Initiation and what good does it do for us who get it?
For those of us who work with the Light in many different fields like Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Personal growth, Self Actualization, Ritual Work, Body Work, Healing Arts, Channeling, Psychic Work, Tai Chi, Crystal Healing, Palmistry, Astrology, Alchemy, Wicca, and many others, the need to be "initiated" or "validated" by authorized sources has crossed our minds. We have thought perhaps that it would make things easier, and the Light would flow better - with more clarity. This is true. We do need this initiation for the light to flow correctly and with more power. When you receive initiation we may feel that the powers that we have been drawing upon have in some way altered and become more physical. After the initiation you do have a more physical connection with the powers of the universe, and thus you can more easily draw upon the powers of heaven.

"...The biggest advantage after the initiation was to be taught directly by the Heirarchy of Light and bringing me to a place of higher and greater truth." - Caroline Holtgrewe, Author

"My sense of consciousness of life and my self has changed, I feel more love, things come to me more easily and I feel more Joy now than ever! It has helped me cut through the incompleteness of modern teachings to the truth from the true Source of Light." - Lubi Kirch /CEO

"The initiation was a mystical and deep experience for me. I was doing Light work part time before but this gave me the way and the energy to do it Full Time the Universe truly provides, this I learned in the Program." Alex Haralds, Healer.

Part I Introduction to your Gifts
¥15,000 3 Hours per Section* (2 of these dates will be confirmed for classes Mar. 28,29,30,31, Apr. April 2nd & 3rd )

Bonding with your Higher Self, Guides, Masters, and other Beings of Light is your birthright. This connection, sometimes called channeling, is a spiritual act, which will enhance your connection to God. It is about surrendering your will to that aspect of God you are connecting with, and calling down that aspect to become one with you. It is the surest way to evolve spiritually. With spiritual evolution, the gifts of spirit (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience) always open.

Channeling is not a reward that is given to special people for being "perfect"; rather, it is a process of service, and an advanced form of schooling open to those who desire to attend. It gives each channel more knowledge and more opportunity to evolve and to serve. In this series we do not teach you "go about" these skill we teach you THE SKILLS, so you are empowered and can seek knowledge at any time.

In this class you will learn to connect with and converse with the following Light Beings. This experience is often described as real and vivid as you and a friend sharing a conversation over tea.

* Your Higher Self.
* Your Guardian Angel
* Your Spirit Guides
* Your Archangelic Self
* How to channel the appropriate Light Beings
* How to easily access a trance or altered state
* How to use channeling as a tool for your spiritual evolution, and more.

¥15,000 3 Hours per Portion*
Continuing to explore your Gifts with other Beings of Light
You will participate in numerous journeys, so that by the end of the class you will have the experience to make these incredible connections on your own. Some of the connections you will make in this class include:
* Your Higher Self
* The 5th Dimension - home of the Devas, mythic animals and beings, and elementals
* Earth Element and Mother Gaia, Element of Water, Element of Fire
* The 7th Dimension - your Monad
* The 8th Dimension - your group soul
* The 10th Dimension - Master of Light level
* The 11th Dimension - Archangels

In these class, facilitated by John Iammatteo, a trained channel of Archangels, Angels and Masters of Light, (John has agreements to channel several Beings of Light, one special arrangement is with the Angel channeled by the great seer Nostradamus.)

*Gifts of the Spirit is usually taught in a 2 Day format (4 portions) with continuing in depth teachings 3 hour group explorations, according to the skill levels of the participants.

3 Hours (2 of these dates will be confirmed for classes Mar. 28,29,30,31, Apr. April 2nd & 3rd )

Astral Travel is the art or science of expanding one's consciousness in order to travel outside the physical body. This means that you can go anywhere you want! The only limitation is in your own mind or lack of imagination.
The Astral Plane is one of the great, real workshops of the Universe. It has it's own distinct place in the work of spiritual evolution. In fact, many works of art, musical composition, great pieces of literature, and important inventions have been created as the result of astral travel.
In this seminar you will:
* Uncover a magical world, much lighter than the physical plane
* Recognize aspects of yourself that impossible to see in daily life
* Receive insights into your own psyche and personality, discovering more about yourself and how you exist in the world
* Learn how to astral travel while still in a conscious state
* Commune with Spiritual Masters to receive intimate spiritual teachings relating to your personal path.
* Travel the known world.
* Travel to the Akashic Zone.
* Travel to other Dimensions.
This process is presented in a very specific manner, which teaches the rules that ensure safety for the traveler. As such, it is taught by a specially trained facilitator.

¥5,000 3 Hours
Sacred geometries exist in all of creation, they structure, form, energize and give meaning to all things.

* How to create a sacred protected space
* How to energize your sacred space.
* How to appropriately use your sacred space.
¥5,000 3 Hours
* To activate a room with sacred geometry, to convert a room to a sacred temple, and to apply sacred geometry there-in.
* How to use your Temple

¥7,000 3 Hours
This is a very powerful class that gives the participant.
* Experience of the energies of Heaven that are to be found in the manifested material.
* In addition, journey through the upper realms of life, otherwise known as the blue zone of creation.
* You will learn how to connect your mind with the Holy Spirit
* To mesh Sacred Geometry with the four elements to enable all of your physical creations to be imbued with the Divine.

¥7,000 3 Hours
In this course, we will learn.
* How to use clear quartz crystals to create grid patterns within your home or place of business to call down higher vibrational energies using 4 different geometrical configurations.
* Crystal Healings
* Crystal Dreaming
* Crystal Magick focusing on three magickal rites with words of power for healing old wounds, new wounds, and for a good fortune.

We welcome people from all religious and non-religious backgrounds. It is non-dogmatic, non-religious, non-Fraternal organization and IS OPEN TO ALL who truly seek the Light. (The term "White" refers to the purity of "Light".) There are only 7 Mystery Schools in existence on the planet today. These are in specific locations around the world. The Mystery School located in America, The Rocky Mountain Mystery School, is the ONLY one of the 7 Mystery Schools open to the general public at this time. The 7 Mystery Schools are lineage traditions that have been in existence since the beginnings of Humans on this planet. The Great Pyramids of Cheops in the Valley of Giza in Egypt was once the center point of initiation on this planet and when the Priests and Priestesses abandoned the pyramid the initiation factor was moved to seven secret locations around the world. These have been known in the spiritual community as "The Seven Schools of Initiation".

These schools have been shrouded in secrecy for hundreds of years but are now coming out with this sacred knowledge, and becoming available to the general public. The Rocky Mountain Mystery School has Offices and Light Centers in over 16 Countries

We welcome you to partake of this special program and become on of the millions who have done this in the last thousand years. This program is very old and though hidden has ALWAYS available to the true seeker. Now it is open and available to all humans in need.


John Iammatteo is trained as an Adept, Teacher, Guide, Healer, Channel, Shaman, Ritual Master, and Magus Hermeticus of the Rocky Mountain Mystery School and Heirarchy of Light, in the Lineage of King Salomon. John is authorized to hand down these Sacred Teachings. John has studied Tibetan Buddhism, Eastern and Western spiritual philosophy, Metaphysics and Esoteric Psychology for over 25 years. John is a Celtic Shaman and also studies the traditions of Native American Shamanic Path.


Call John Iammatteo
Tel/Fax (03) 5481-3682 or 090-9294-4605
Tokyo - Takanawadai Station (Asakusa Line)


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