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Qigong Healing & Science Research Center
Qigong Master Ji Xing Li, President and Founder.
Mountain View, California, USA.

Profile:Qigong Master Ji Xing Li
Ji Xing Li is the president of The Central Association of Qigong Research in Tokyo, Japan. Having studied in China under many famous and illustrious Qigong practitioners and using Qigong for both therapeutic and beauty treatments, Ji Xing Li is one of the better-qualified Qigong practitioners in the world. He is one of the few licensed by The Institute of Qigong Scientific Research of China, and is solely authorized to issue Qigong licenses in Japan.

The effectiveness of his Qigong has attracted both scholarly and popular attention; he has cooperated in several university research programs into human energy, participated in an experiment carried out by the agency of Science and Technology (Japanese government agency), and joined a research program run by the ESP Research Institute of the United States. Ji Xing Li has appeared on all major TV stations nationwide in Japan, which are Channels 1& 3 TV NHK, Channel 4 Nihon TV, Channel 6 TBS, Channel 8 Fujii TV, Channel 10 TV Asahi, Channel 12 TV Tokyo, as well as magazines and public lectures, demonstrating and teaching people of the benefits of Qigong and its manifold applications.

Master Li's book.

2007 Distance Healing Experiment with
Pennsylvania State University Medical School

Time: Starts on November 2nd 2007
Place: Laboratory of Pennsylvania State University Medical School
Host: Professor John E. Neely MD, pediatrics and oncology specialist

Set Up: UT-7, a human leukemia cell line was chosen for this experiment. Cells were grown in flasks, each containing 5 x 104 cells in 20 ml. media. Four flasks were arranged in each of 2 incubators.  A top shelf contained 1 flask in the back left (1A) and 1 flask in the front right (1B).  A middle shelf (1C) and a bottom shelf (2A) each contained a flask in the front right. 

Procedure: Cells were directly counted from the suspension using a hemocytometer chamber, every 1-3 days.  Three sequential experiments were performed.  Two pre-treatment studies showed both incubators had identical growth.  In the third study, distance treatment by Mr. Li from California began immediately after planting the cells.
Results: All groups initially grew identically, but slowly over time, the treatment flasks 1C faltered in growth and on the 31st day, no cells alive in 1C while control flasks still show average of more than 140 millions cells alive.  And in the treatment 1A flask, there appeared to be morphologic changes, such as many cells had multiple nuclei. So even the cells were still alive, they may not bear the same features as original UT-7.  This is a breakthrough in biological science; it shows by changing the primary energy structure of cells could change the characteristics of them. This also provides a scientific explanation of energy rejuvenation.

2006 Distance Healing Experiment with Pennsylvania State University Medical School

Time: December 2nd to December 20th, 2006
Place: Laboratory of Pennsylvania State University Medical School
Host: Professor John E. Neely MD, pediatrics and oncology specialist

Set Up: This experiment was designed to compare the growth of AR(C), a human Ewing’s sarcoma cell line established and described by the author (JN) in 1985 and is known to be resistant to chemotherapy, in a treatment incubator versus a control incubator, physically separated in different rooms of the same building in Pennsylvania.  Cells were planted 2.5 x104 cells per well in 10 ml. of media in each well of 6 well plates. The treatment incubator contained 4 plates.  A top shelf contained 3 culture plates placed diagonally back left (1A), middle (1B), and front right (1C).  A bottom shelf contained one plate in the front right to serves as an internal control.  The control incubator contained one plate on a bottom shelf to serve as an external control for cell growth and viability. 

Procedure: Immediately after planting the cells, Mr. Li began treatment from his location in California, treating each plate on the upper shelf with different energies techniques.  Every 2-5 days, the cells were removed from a single well in each plate and counted. Jixing Li has never been to Pennsylvania State University nor known the exact location of this laboratory.

Results: The cells in the upper treatment shelf grew significantly slower and eventually those cells in position 1C all died.  Also, there were cells contained multiple nuclei in the experiment groups, which could not be explained by modern medical science as how it happened. The post-treatment repeat experiment at chronological day 105 showed ongoing failure of growth in position 1C, although all other positions returned to normal.  Even after moving the incubator, the experiment at chronological day 190 continued to show an effect at 1C.  From those results, it shows that those energies not only can affect biological objects, but also on non-biological objects such as the condition inside the incubator.  

Chart and photograph provided by Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania State University

Jixing Li used three different energy transformation techniques on position 1A-2, 1B and 1C-2.  Control 2 and Control 3 were for comparison purpose, no energies were sent to those cells.


There were cells contained multiple nuclei in the experiment groups.




















Master Ji Xing Li has made many appearances in the Public Arena, Popular Press and TV, between 2001 and 1980.

2003 Feb Nihon TV. Performed a treatment for the nervous system.

2002 May TV Asahi.
demonstrated Qigong treatment for "frozen shoulders”.

2001 July Fujii TV.
Infrared Thermography monitored definite body temperature increases in a human subject as a result of Li's emitting Qi.


2000 Jun. TV Asahi. Demonstrated Qigong treatment and diagnosis for a popular young women’s singing group, ‘PUFY’ (photo on left with young women in black t-shirts) and Energy Acupuncture for a famous actress, MAKIKO ESUMI (3 photos on the right young woman in red clothes).

1999 Jun. TV NHK. Appeared on "Science Eye". The program featured a Western Medical Doctor and the Easter Medical Treatments. A special machine called PET, at the Tohoku University was used that took data so that anyone can understand that Qi energy is good for one's health.

1998 Nihon TV. Experiment done with famous young men's singing and dancing group "Janis Junior" Thermography camera was used to show the change and effectiveness of Qi energy.

1997 Jan. TV Tokyo. The program 'Ladies 4" featured Li's weight reducing treatment. After 40 minutes of receiving Qigong, the weight of a woman decreased by 300 grams and her waist measurement dropped by 1 cm. This experiment was done by the famous Professor Machi of Tokyo Denki University.


1993 TV TBS. The program "Super Wide" featured Li's Beauty treatment on an 80 year old woman. After the treatment she appeared to have the skin of a 60 year old woman. And Li's treatments for cancer, rheumatism, and heart disease were cured.

1992 Sept.
TV Tokyo. The program "Ladies 4" featured Li's Beauty treatment. It showed the comparison of the right side of the face having been treated and appearing younger with the left side of the untreated face.

1991 Li participated in a scientific study of Qigong set up by the Tokyo Institute of Technology and supported by TV NHK (National Broadcasting Association). The results in brief, demonstrated that Qi, generated by Li in measurable and effective levels, was able to pass through a sealed and shielded room to elicit a similar brain wave pattern in the subject and at that time cause that subject to fall over. The subject also correctly received images, thoughts, and colors sent by Li.

Li participated in a joint research study between Tohoku University and the Japanese Government's New Technology Group Biophoton Project. Here Li demonstrated how he was able to arrest a subject's heartbeat.This was observed on an electrocardiogram. He also showed his ability to move clouds around in the sky.


Opened his own clinic in Tokyo where he began giving both health and beauty treatments, as well as began holding Qigong classes.



Li studied Ruyi Taijiquan from the founder of this style.
Li studied under Master Qing Yao Qing, adviser to the National Chinese Qigong Science Association. Master Qing Yao Qing later won the championship in the 1991 Chinese Qigong contest in Guangdong province.
Li studied Buddhist Qigong, Daoist Qigong, Water and Fire Qigong, Remote Control Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine Qigong, and Daoist Magic Figures Qigong.
Li studied a famous Shaolin Temple Qigong called I Jhi Chan
Qigong from the very well known Shanghai Qigong Master
Kan E Shui.

Li studied Qigong Therapy under the famous Qigong cancer specialist, Guo Lin.
Li studied Martial Arts Qigong, “Da Cheng Quan” under the nationally famous exponent, Wang Xuan Jie.


Li was born in Fu Shun, China. He started learning and practicing the martial arts and Qigong at the age of eight.

Essence of Qigong

The power of Qi energy can change your Biological Computer. Create a healthy balanced physical body system with the power of Qigong

Treatments for Illnesses:

female problems
ringing in the ears etc.


blood clots
nervous system disorders

heart conditions
auto-immune diseases
and many other kinds of illnesses

Treatments for Old Age Ailment Illnesses:
Alzheimer’s, hardening of the arteries, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.
Also teaching the aged how to self-treat

Lengthening of One’s Life Span:
treatments for
how to self-treat
combination of both of the above

Energy Massage
No hands-on or manipulation of musculature body. Energy massage
works on the inner energy system, by using energy waves and rhythm.

Beauty Rejuvenation Treatments For Face and/or Body
Energy Facelift Qigong

FaceLift Qigong is an energy treatment to rejuvenate the skin by creating fresh new cells that hold moisture and have elasticity. Not only does this work on the facial and neck area, but continuous treatments will create a younger mind as well as a new younger body system as the entire body will react to the new cell creation. The concentration is on the face.

BodyLift Qigong is a treatment to rejuvenate the body. Similar to the above it will have the effect the same as the Facial but on the body and will effect the Face area as well. The concentration is on the body. Both the FaceLift Qigong and BodyLift Qigong produce the most wonderful effect of rejuvenating the mind as well!

Before and after Master Li's treatment.

As a young woman

April 1996 before treatments began

April 1997 before treatments began

June 1997, 3 months later

Qigong Healing
Nature's Energy Healing Center
318 Moffett Blvd.
Mountain View, CA 94043

Office: 408- 469-4514
Cell: 408-807-8675



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