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Healing Art by Andrew Boerger
Artist - Tokyo, Japan

The Garden

What is “healing art”?

The term "healing art" is probably as subjective as the term “art” itself.

It means different things to
different people.

Andy Boerger
Japan (03) 3707-7840
International 81-3-3707-7840

The Dreamer

The beauty of art lies in its ability to express the passion of its creator, and, depending on the response of the viewer, to evoke that passion within another.


It is a form of communication that goes beyond words, and even time.


When you visit a museum and look at a painting that was created hundreds of years ago, or an artifact from even a much earlier age, time and language are transcended, and you are in communication with the spirit of the person who has created the work you stand in front of.

Their passion is revealed to you.


Beyond time and language, perhaps passion is evoked within you as well. Wordless, timeless...just as each of us is at our deepest level.


Dolphin Swim


Art has been a part of human culture throughout history because it communicates to the sacred aspects of ourselves, and that is very healing!


I see my paintings as a form of communication between me and my Source. I love that we are "created to create"!

By the Waterfall


Typically, the images I create come to me toward the end of a meditation, or from a dream I had the night before.

Smiling Angel

The long slender faces, and unusual costumes of many of my subjects causes me to wonder if I am recalling images from other times, perhaps even other worlds that I once called home.

Would that be so unusual or difficult to imagine, considering that art is communication that transcends time?

Dancing Horse


Namaste: The God in me greets the God in you!

Commissioned Paintings
I offer “healing art”; commissioned paintings that I refer to as “Soul Paintings”, that result from communication between your divinity and mine, in the spirit of namaste. Through an initial session, which can be done by email or in person, we work together to determine what images, what colors, etc., work best to evoke the essence of who you are, particularly your highest and most sacred qualities. Perhaps an archetypal hero or mythical character, perhaps your sacred animal or a scene from nature that inspires you, or even abstract geometrical shapes and patterns. Perhaps the colors of your aura will figure strongly in the work, or the colors you feel the greatest resonance with.

Angel Guidance


This painting, which I have titled “Thinking of Home”, is a painting that I began about a week before hearing that my brother had passed away, earlier this year.

Returning to the canvas to finish the painting as a way to deal with my grief, I realized the painting was about him.

It has his energy, particularly the energy he was experiencing at the time of preparing to move on.

It depicts a person who has completed many tasks, and is ready to move on.

Notice how his body is firmly planted on the ground, while his head is tilted to face a different realm.

Eyes closed, he is thinking of home.

The price of a painting, including the initial session, and a series of rough sketches (mutually reviewed and agreed upon) ranges from ¥50,000 (500 USD) to ¥100,000 (1000USD), depending on the size of the work, and whether or not framing is provided by the artist.

Having a painting in your life that has been created in communication with your sacred energy can be an inspiring gift to yourself, a companion that holds your highest potentials and qualities within its colors and shapes. My hope is that you will think of it as a symbol of your life and healing journey, and that it will remind you to hold yourself in high esteem, for being here, and being you!


The King

It can be particularly effective if you commission a work at some time of great transition, of moving forward in your life. For example, two people who are joining in romantic partnership (or bringing a child into the world) may wish to commission a painting that celebrates their love and the joining of their souls. Or perhaps a painting to symbolize prosperity you wish to bring into your life: a river of abundance or a palace of gold!

You are God; you are a unique expression of the Cosmic Love Source. If you honor me with the assignment of creating a Soul Painting for you, I commit to see only the God in you as I work, and create an image that expresses, and reminds you of, your Divinity.

The Gift

The Journeyer

“I have known Andy for seven years, and during that time I have attended many of his talks and presentations. I have always come away feeling uplifted and back in touch with my Highest Truth. I feel the same way when looking at his paintings. It is a blessing to know Andy and his works.” – Denise Oliveri

I gaze at Andrew Boerger's paintings for inspiration. Each time I look into them, I see a new colour, a new shape, and yet I've owned them for some years now. They send me messages of compassion, hope, love, goodness, lightness, depth, warm, passion, trust. He weaves his brush as a wand and, quite simply,
creates magic.
Glynis Newberry


Thank you for viewing my work, and I hope that something in some of the works displayed here communicates to you with depth and gentleness.

To purchase any of the paintings, or to commission a Soul Painting, please contact me by phone or email, as given below.

Andy Boerger


Andy Boerger
Japan (03) 3707-7840
International 81-3-3707-7840


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