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Best Tokyo Restaurants - Midorie - Japanese Vegetarian Friendly

Midorie Organic Restaurant & Deli in Meguro Ward Tokyo is one of my favorites - a haven for health foodies and vegetarians - authentic Japanese cuisine with a modern twist

A delightful organic restaurant and “deli” that does a brilliant job of catering for even the most discerning vegan.

Tokyo Restaurant Midorie owner Eiko Yororu
Tokyo Restaurant Midorie owner Eiko Yororu

Midorie is one of my favorite restaurants in Tokyo. It is located nearby Gakugei-Daigaku Station on the Tokyu Toyoko Line (a few stops from Shibuya Station). It is well worth a visit. It is the kind of place you can take your pickiest vegan friend (possibly you) as well as your favorite carnivores (also possibly you). It is one of the few restaurants in Tokyo that actually understands what a vegan is, and even delights in catering for them.

Grilled vegetables and an egg on a bed of rice
¥1150 (US$10.50) at lunch time. Grilled vegetables and an egg on a bed of rice (brown & wild available) with miso soup, various side dishes and tea.

Prawn lunch set menu at Japanese Restaurant Tokyo
Prawn lunch set menu with miso soup, rice, vegetables, pickled vegetables and tea.

The staff and owner are extremely helpful and willing to answer my 1001 questions about what is and is not in each dish every time I go there. They even smile and continue to be nice to me after I have finished my interrogation, (a rare trait indeed in Tokyo). They can even put up with me on my manic health food nut days when I get them to jump through many hoops to feed me the healthiest food ever thought of – and the following week when I sheepishly order all the things I wouldn’t have eaten to save my life last week, they don’t even laugh at me! Although I laugh at myself ; )

They will even make special dishes for you if you ask nicely! The food is always delicious and beautifully presented in authentic Japanese ceramic dishes. A feast for the eyes as well as the tummy. So you can see why it is a favorite.

Deli Counter at Midorie Restaurant Tokyo
Deli Counter at Midorie Restaurant Tokyo

A number of the lunch menus allow you to choose 3 items from the “deli” counter. Or 4 items. There is always a mouth watering range to choose from - pies, quiches, yummy salads, curries, Asian food, Japanese food, European, vegan, vegetarian, seafood… fusion. And they are always freshly made and ever so healthy and tasty. And let's not forget - organic.

my 3 choices from the deli
My 3 choices from the deli counter - comes with rice,
miso soup and tea

All this for ¥1240 (US$11.25)! These were my 3 choices from the deli. Vegetable curry, broccoli and pea salad, tomato and cheese salad. Served with brown rice, miso soup and tea. Well I guess you really have to taste it to share my enthusiasm… and be somewhat into healthy food.

One of the ideas behind Midorie Restaurant is that children, adults and elderly people should all be able to enjoy eating there. The food is organic (or grown with minimum pesticides possible in the case of some vegetables that are difficult to get organic. Their philosophy is safe and healthy eating.

How to get there?
Walk out of the ticket wickets at Gakugei-Daigaku Station (Toyoko Line) and keep walking straight (down a side street to the left of the Tokyu Supermarket). When you hit a T junction turn right (walking in the opposite direction to the train track). You will come across the orange Midorie sign pretty soon.

Outside Midorie Restaurant

Sky Scraper 1F,
2-21-10 Takaban,
Tel: 03-5721-6655.
Open: 11:45 am-10pm (9:30pm last order)


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