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Colorpuncture/ Kirlian Photography - Sound Therapy - Dream work - Counselling Tokyo

Interview with Yasuhide Murakami of Tokyo on Colorpuncture, Sound Therapy, Dream work, Counselling and his upcoming workshop

Q. What kind of therapies do you do?

I give different kinds of sessions and workshops. I mainly give Colorpuncture, Sound Therapy, Dream work, Counselling and Guided Visualization Sessions. I am also an official colorpuncture training teacher.

Yasuhide Murakami Counselling Tokyo
Yasuhide Murakami

Q. What is color puncture?

Colorpuncture is a new light therapy developed by a German health-practitioner, Peter Mandel about 30 years ago. It uses colored lights on the surface of the skin to balance various functions of our physical & emotional level. It is now a proven fact that our body cells are communicating with a very weak light called biophotons. Therefore lights are very good tools to communicate to the cells with. Peter has developed a great number of combinations of colors and points to work with particular functions of the body. In his clinic in Germany, he has great success healing hundreds of complaints and diseases.

Q. How do you do color puncture?

First we take a Kirlian photograph to learn about the client, and choose some treatments accordingly. We use 7 colors to work mainly on the physical level and 4 colors to work on the emotional-psychological level. After the treatment, we take another picture. It also gives us some hints on the next step we should take. We can also choose treatments according to a clients request i.e. trauma-release, cosmetic treatments and so on.

Q. You use Kirlian photography. What kind of things do you learn about your clients from that?

We can learn different levels of the client: physical and emotional-psychological. One can see the energy state of each of the organs, glands and other systems in the body. We can also see emotional and psychological issues, which can often be hidden causes of physical complaints. Traumas and childhood issues also often appear in the picture. We can see which organs are weakened, hormonal imbalances, whether the person can express anger or not, events in which age is a cause of present stresses.

Q. What effect has color puncture had on your life?

Physically I often use it to prevent catching a cold. I use it when I start to get a runny nose or a sore throat. But more importantly it has given me an understanding of the connections between body and mind. It also led me to realize my childhood physical troubles came from an emotional issue that I had ignored. It was stored in my system, mainly in the brain (which has three layers).

Q. What are the three layers of the brain?
In the course of evolution, our brain developed from the inside to the outside. It has three layers in human beings. The inner part is the oldest and we can call it “the body-brain”. The second part is “the emotional brain”, and the third part is, “the intellectual brain” which gives us a lot of human abilities like language, thinking, calculation and so on. That’s why the self-ima ge exists at this level and tries to control other parts, according to the ideas of “I think”

Q. Why do you think physical signals are so important?

Because this “I” tries to keep it’s self-image. We tend to ignore or repress anything which doesn’t fit with it. However, ignoring it cannot cancel things out. They go into the unconscious and start to be expressed through the physical. So the physical contains a lot of messages from the unconscious and shows what we have missed integrating things into our life. And integrating things is key to living a full life.

Not only that, it is also the key for health, because the repressed energy can be expressed as disease. It can create a lot of types of troubles such as pain for example. If we can understand these messages and integrate them again, as an essential part of life, it will be a gift but not a problem.

Q. What does pain in the knees mean for example?
Each part of body has it’s own messages. Knees are symbols for “fear” and “trust”. So if you repress fear, you might have a knee pain for example. That is the reason why in the army when they march, they don’t bend their knees (soldiers don’t feel fear that way). Elbows have A totally different meaning and so on. People who suffer from backache do so not only because they work hard or sit for too long.

Q. Where is your office?
My office located in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, 7 minutes on foot from the Jiyugaoka station.


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