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Aromatherapy Massage Perth
Therapeutic use of Essential Oils

Sascha Beck - Naturopath & Aromatherapist


There is an growing body of scientific research to support the use of essential oils to assist with various health conditions. If you would like to use aromatherapy for these purposes please book a naturopathy consultation and let me know you are interested in using essential oils.

Sascha Beck - Aromatherapy Massage Perth
Sascha Beck BHSc (Nat), Dip Arom
Naturopath & Aromatherapist

• Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy (4 years) - double major in Nutrition & Herbal Medicine
• Diploma of Aromatherapy (1 year) includes training in Michelline Arcier aromatherapy massage
• Australian Natural Therapists Association Member (ANTA)

Sascha Beck
Ph: 0448 550 139
International: (+61) 448 550 139

Aromatherapy Massage, Facial & Footbath
(only available for women)

Aromatherapy Massage Perth - Essential Oils Perth

* Have a vibrant, alive, radiating face after the richly nutritious exfoliating aromatherapy facial

* Experience a deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and revitalized body after enjoying the Michelline Arcier aromatherapy massage (only entrusted  to Diploma level aromatherapists) and essential oil footbath

* Experience the benefits of essential oils specifically prescribed for you by a qualified aromatherapist and naturopath…Essential oils work on the physical, psychological and emotional levels

* Feel the difference using expensive organic nutritious body oils makes – your body and skin will thank you Treatments are available from 1 hour to 2.5 hours

* When prescribing aromatherapy oils for you I will draw on scientific research, a rich history of traditional use and the body’s own intrinsic wisdom (testing which essential oils you find uplifting)

* It is important to use aromatherapy oils that have been tested to make sure they contain the phytochemicals (naturally occurring plant chemicals) responsible for the therapeutic properties. For more details on the Aromatherapy Facial, Massage & Footbath Treatment please read on…

* We start out with a lovely aromatherapy oil and Byron Bay Macadamia oil footbath and some refreshments while doing the initial consultation

Facial Perth


* Cleanse and massage with essential oils and lotion

* Exfoliate and feed the skin with a luxurious exfoliating face mask made on the day from natural ingredients selected because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Ingredients used include dead sea mud, ground walnut, Australian sandalwood powder, ground rosehip, seaweed, green tea and essential oils to really nurture and enliven your skin leaving it radiant and shining.

* Steam treatment includes essential oils

* Tone with all natural rose or neroli hydrosols

* Facial massage with an original facial balm recipe containing precious aromatherapy oils, organic base oils and vitamins either scientifically proven or traditionally used to treat wrinkles, encourage growth of new skin cells, heal wounds, reduce inflammation, restore and invigorate the skin and relax the muscles.

Massage Perth with essential oils


* In the initial interview I will consult with you about your general health and any conditions you would like to address during the treatment. Check for any contraindicated oils e.g. if you have high blood pressure or epilepsy rosemary essential oil would be contraindicated - if you are going to be in the sun after the treatment there are a range of oils that are phytotoxic (will cause you to burn if you go in the sun) etc. etc.

* Together, from an extensive collection of essential oils we will make an aromatic healing potion for the massage. You can choose fragrant oils that match the therapeutic goals we set or simply choose ones that lift your spirit. This process involves discussion on the therapeutic benefits of the oils and finding the fragrances that enliven and inspire you.

* I make a special base blend of organic oils each week because once oils are mixed together they may degrade. The oils are selected because they are rich in vitamins or minerals and feed, nurture, hydrate and repair the skin or reduce inflammation. I use precious expensive organic oils that are not usually used in massage such as rosehip oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado oil, sesame oil and so on. This is especially helpful for people with dry skin. The essential oils prescribed specifically for you are added to this base blend.

Essential Oils Perth - Aromatherapist Massage Oil

This massage is gentle, relaxing and especially beneficial for:

* The nervous system
– special attention is given to the bundles of nerves endings that run along the spine, connecting to the brain, sense organs, muscles, blood vessels, organs and glands. These bundles are the meeting place of sympathetic nerves responsible for the fight, flight, freeze response. 

* The lymphatic system - a network of vessels and organs that assist in the removal of toxins, wastes, debris and excess fluids as well as being an important part of the immune system that carries infection fighting white blood cells to defend against bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. The lymphatic system has no pump so if you have desk-bound job it may become stagnant. Lymph flows in an upward direction and relies on body movement and breathing to keep it circulating. Improving the circulation of lymph and blood helps to remove waste products and get nutrients including oxygen to your cells.

* Head and face – extensive work is done on the head and face because so much tension is held here. This is the part of the body we show to the world and it is the part that is constantly exposed to the elements. Stress and tension are released through applying pressure to acupressure points and gently massaging the muscles – increasing circulation to remove excess fluids and waste products and bringing nutrients to the face via the blood.

* Feet – the feet are repeatedly massaged stimulating the acupressure and reflex points that in Chinese medicine are associated with all the organs, glands and every part of the body.

* Balancing body energies
- polarity therapy balances the subtle electromagnetic energy fields of the body influencing spirit, mind, body and emotions.

* Acupressure points are stimulated to balance the energy known as Qi in Chinese medicine.

Massage Perth WA

(Available with longer treatments)

* I draw on my knowledge of aromatherapy, naturopathic and herbal medicine during the initial interview to suggest special treatments. The treatments may be influenced by traditional Western herbalism Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine or Indigenous use of herbs and natural compounds. Essential oils, herbs, organic plant oils, clays, mud, scrubs, heat and steam inhalations may be used to encourage detoxification, reduce inflammation in joints and muscles, treat the feet, hands, sinuses or address a condition you wish to work on. If you already know what you want to work on please let me know when you make the booking.

* It is truly a gift worthy of reverence to work with these extraordinary and precious elixirs bestowed upon us so generously by nature.

• Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy (4 years) - double major in Nutrition & Herbal Medicine
• Diploma of Aromatherapy (1 year) includes training in Michelline Arcier aromatherapy massage
• Australian Natural Therapists Association Member (ANTA)

If you have any questions I am happy to hear from you. If you are not sure if aromatherapy massage and essential oils could help to address your health condition you are most welcome to ask!

Sascha Beck
Ph: 0448 550 139
International: (+61) 448 550 139



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