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Daniel D.
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Universal Post

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Guang Ping Tai Chi Chuan
Dan Harrington - Tokyo, Japan

Dan Harrinton holds Tai Chi Classes in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo, Japan. His classes are a wonderful way to connect with nature and feel in harmony with the world. See below for maps and class schedule.

The style of Tai Chi Dan practices is called "YANG PAI KUANG P'ING" which means Yang Family Style from Kuang City (Kuang-p'ing Prefectural City, Yung-nien County, Henan, China). It was handed down to present day practitioners by Yang, Pan Hou - son of - Yang, Lu Chan who learned Tai Chi from Chen, Ch'ang Hsing, ninth generation Chen family master of Chenboxing, of the latter 18th and early 19th century. Although initially developed for boxing, TaiChi Chuan is primarily practiced these days to maintain good health.

The art's principles follow the "I-CHING" (Book of Changes), an ancient Chinese book of philosophy which helps mankind understand the workings of the natural world. Simply stated, one of it's primary principles is that YIN energy (softness) and YANG energy (hardness) must be brought into harmony to balance and sustain life. Tai Chi practice generates internal energies (chi) to bring about a balance in mind, body and spirit.

Tai Chi helps correct internal imbalances which left unattended may ultimately manifest in illness.
In today's hectic world, people often experience pressures inducing stress which, in turn, can weaken health. Although there are different ways of reducing stress, Tai Chi approaches this problem through movement, alternating body weight - on one leg and then the other - in a series of slow, fluid and (at times) quick movements designed to enliven the spirit, calm the mind and energize the blood, internalorgans, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Taoist stretching and various meditations are also taught to enhance suppleness and mindfulness.

THE ALCHEMY OF TAO by D.D. Harrington
This book helps Taiji Chuan practitioners refine their art. It includes descriptions of a small frame approach to the practice that will help all practitioners of Taiji Chuan dig deeper into the capabilities their specific art offers. It includes Alchemical Three Treasures Qi-gong, a new approach to cleaning up our bodies and eliminating harmful chemicals we are subject to on a daily basis. To order the book click here

Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi - The Alchemy of Tao by D.D. Harrington


Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi is taught at the Wen Wu School of Martial Arts in El Cerrito, California U.S.A.. The school is headed by Master Yun Chung Chiang. In addition, to teaching Chinese Martial Arts, Master Chiang is a noted painter, calligrapher, and Chinese Medical Doctor (O.M.D.).
(Guang Ping= pinyin spelling system used on mainland China
Kuang P'ing=Wade/Giles spelling system used on Taiwan)

I began the study of Tai Chi Chuan in 1972 while attending U.C. Berkeley and studied Chinese philosophy, history and the internal arts with Master Chiang until 1984. After this period, I worked in the Hong Kong film industry as an actor and stuntman. I, presently, work as an actor in films, make independent films and work in broadcasting as a writer/narrator. For more information drop me a line.

Saturday 7:30am to 9:30am
Sunday 9am to 11am


Contact D.D.Harrington
Phone & Fax: 03 3487 3011
Visit Dan's Website

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